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Hire More, Recruit Less

NauWork combines personalized search ingenuity with powerful matching software to deliver the right tech and engineering talent, fast. We think of it as a platform of superpowered, human power and we call it NauMatch. You get the high-touch, curated search service you want, and the vetted talent match you need when you need it.

Attract the Right Talent

Move beyond job descriptions to comprehensive job profiles with the depth and insights that attract the right talent. Guided and supported by your skilled account manager, powered by the NauMatch platform.

Personalized & Handpicked

Curation of the right talent begins with NauMatch automation and is refined to a human-vetted selection of the best talent matches. No more mindless search and scroll, or exhaustive screening out of low-quality matches. Your NauWork team, aided by the NauMatch platform owns it for you.

Unique Insights

A resume is too limited. The NauMatch platform delivers candidate profiles with the unique insights and depth you actually need to assess match fit - drill-downs on professional skills and skill aptitude levels, work scope, and work environment preferences.

For employers

4 Steps to the Right Hire



Go beyond the job description. The NauMatch portal guides you through a simple intake process to build a profile with the depth and insights that attract the right talent matches.


Your account manager schedules a brief follow-up meeting to fine-tune your job profile and ensure the highest quality talent matches.


Talent curation begins with NauMatch automation and is refined down to the best talent matches by your experienced recruitment team.


Hire your ideal candidate and build the future!


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